Ubisoft Farcry 4

Digital experience

— Brief

For the launch of one of the most awaited games, grey and ubisoft came to us to create an outstanding experience that reveals viewers inner personnality, engage viewers and generate custom content and rewards. The experience had to be different for everyone, to trigger conversation and curiosity.

— Challenge

With no assets from the game, the experience had to immerse in the universe of Farcry4 and live as a small live action prequel of the game so it could live by itself and be a great introduction to the game scenario. Each set-up and scenario were carrefully crafted to build a game before the game, and one of the most immersive trailer for a video game.

— Outcome

The experience was viewed more than a million times with great feedbacks over the gamer community. Each rites were realesed one after another to create more envy around the project.The excellence of the production provided a seamless experience and the craft and ideas has been recognized and awarded by major events.

Role  Art Director, UX, UI Made at  STINKDIGITAL Client Ubisoft / Grey Awards FWA SOTD,FWA MOTD, AWWWARDS SOTD