Google Play the world

A world of movies

— Brief

In a world full of entertainement solutions, Play struggles to affirm its position as a rich content provider. The idea was to build a plateform with a strong PR quality to create the conversation around the brand and its catalogue.

— Challenge

Creating a simple interface that would gather as much as 500 movies integrated on the map, but still keep the focus on the content. Each movies where carrefully selected, tested and then matched in streetview in order to provide a impressive match-up.

— Outcome

The site holds tons of content and provide to the user a unique way of discovering their favorite movies. Providing a new angle on iconic scenes and links to the extensive catalogue on google Play store.

Role  Art Director, UX, UI Made at  STINKDIGITAL Client Google Zoo / Google Play Awards 2 Webbys awards – Best Navigation – advertising & Media – Products & Services