Lacoste Winter

Interactive lookbook

— Brief

For the launch of a new Collection for Asian Market, Fred&Farid came to Stink to conceive both the TVC and the interactive experience that would go along with. The interactive experience had to be simple yet entertaining and immersive.

— Challenge

In a market where mobile phones are the primary device for browsing the web. The experience had to be mobile first but still provide a beautifull interface and tells a story.

— Outcome

a 360 lookbook where the user feels surrounded by suspended feather and models. Using the giroscope to navigate and only one tap away from discovering the look. The microsite started with a meaningfull interaction: Shake it to blow out the feathers and create the 360 world.

Role  Art Director, UX, UI Made at  STINKDIGITAL Client F&F / Lacoste China Awards FWA SOTD, FWA MOTD, AWWWARDS



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Lacoste winter sport site introduction